Tourist Attractions In Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country that is home to stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, divine waterfalls, ancient ruins, and ethereal historical monuments. The vast expanse of landscapes among the other attractions spread over the entire country attracts hordes of tourists from all over. French and Haitian Creole are the main languages of the people in this region. Although extreme violence, political turmoil and extreme poverty aren’t new to this country, tourists love to visit this country for its mesmerizing landscapes and historical monuments. The Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, receives flights from all over the world. Various cities in Haiti are connected by road, air, and waterways. Affordable airline fares and limited time, prompt tourists to take domestic flights to their preferred destinations. 

If you’ve got time at your disposal make sure you hire a car along with a driver to visit the different places Haiti has to offer. The driver being a native of the land knows the routes, acts as a guide, and ensures that sellers at a marketplace don’t strip you off your money. The attractive colors of a ‘tap-tap’, a modified van, truck, or bus may look inviting but the moderate pace accompanied by the exceeded limit of passengers can get suffocating. Haiti offers tourists a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and inns that fit every budget. A blend of traditional and contemporary decor adorns the guest rooms of luxury hotels and resorts. Guest houses all across Haiti are preferred by single travelers because of their easy accessibility and affordable price. These guest houses serve their guests traditional home cooked meals. Restaurants housed in luxury hotels offer an international and traditional cuisine. To get a taste of the variety of local cuisine one has to visit the eateries and restaurants in Haiti.

Haitian dishes you must try

•    Karbit (Goat meat flavored with herbs and spices)

•    Griot (Succulent fried pork)

•    Diri ak djon djon (Rice served with black mushroom sauce)

•    Chocolat des Cayes (Homemade cocoa)

•    Du Riz a Poulet (Portions of rice with chicken)

•    Meat Patties

•    Piene Patte (Soft sweetbread)

•    Labouille (Corn porridge)

During your stay at Haiti make sure you drink bottled water as the impurities in tap water may lead to diarrhea. Make sure the fresh fruit juices that you consume are without the presence of ice. A variety of creamy milk fruit beverages similar to milk shakes are very popular with tourists. It’s a sin not to succumb to the subtle taste of rum that Haiti has to offer. The whiff that enters your nostrils when a rum bottle is opened in Haiti is something that you will remember in your grave. Keep in mind that too much of this potent liquid can bring out the animated extrovert in you. Beer is another common alcoholic beverage that is consumed a lot in Haiti. 

Places you must visit in Haiti

•    Citadelle Laferriere

•    Plaine du Cul de Sac

•    Petionville

•    Barbancourt Rum Distillery

•    Etang Saumatre

•    Musse de Guahaba

•    Amiga Island

•    Labadie Island

•    Museum of Haitian Art

•    Bay of Acul

Apart from the above mentioned tourist hot spots, Haiti has numerous other attractions that are visited by tourists.